Picaboo Yearbooks boasts the fastest turnaround time in the industry

State-of-the-art technology allows students to receive their yearbooks faster than ever before

HANOVER, N.H., April 13, 2015 – Long gone are the days when a yearbook staff sends off their pages and wait up to 10 weeks for delivery. Picaboo Yearbooks speedy three-week turnaround allows schools to cover more of their school year.

“Traditional yearbook companies can only guarantee a six-to-eight week turnaround–and that doesn’t even include delivery time,” said Kevin McCurdy, CEO of Picaboo Yearbooks. “That means they require schools to submit all of their content in February or March, causing them to forgo covering many important school events such as spring sports and prom.”

In addition to an earlier deadline, traditional yearbook companies require schools to commit to page and book quantities much earlier in the year. This often leads to not having enough copies of the yearbook at the end of the year or being stuck with extra copies they cannot sell. It can also mean there are not enough pages to cover unexpected events like winning a state championship title.

“Our customers submit their cover design, page content and their final quantities when they place their order,” said McCurdy. “In fact, schools can opt to continue to sell yearbooks online to students who missed the initial order deadline. We will gladly print one more copy and have it shipped to the student’s home. This level of service is unheard of with traditional yearbook companies.”

McCurdy says that Picaboo Yearbooks’ cloud-based platform and digital printing technology is the key to faster turnaround times.

“Digital printing has come such a long way in a short time,” he said. “The quality is now indistinguishable from off-set printing, so why not take advantage of the faster turnaround time and greater flexibility?”


Parents and educators of homeschooled students who want to learn more about Picaboo Yearbooks can visit picabooyearbooks.com/homeschool or email info@picabooyearbooks.com

Schools that want to learn more about Picaboo Yearbooks can visit picabooyearbooks.com or email info@picabooyearbooks.com.


About Picaboo Yearbooks: Founded in 2012, Picaboo Yearbooks is revolutionizing the modern-day yearbook through innovative technology and a groundbreaking business model. Now the fastest growing yearbook company in North America, Picaboo Yearbooks has distinguished itself from industry competitors by providing schools with easy-to-use cloud-based design tools, innovative mobile apps, no minimum orders, no hidden fees and an unmatched 3-week turnaround. Picaboo Yearbooks was created to shake up the stale, traditional yearbook industry by building a user-friendly platform where yearbooks are easier to create, content is more relevant to students and the cost barriers are no longer a concern. For more information, visit picabooyearbooks.com.

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