Picaboo Yearbooks Offers Yearbooks for the Homeschool Market

Homeschools of every size can now have the same yearbook experience enjoyed by conventional schools

HANOVER, N.H., Februrary 16, 2015 — Parents and educators of the millions of homeschooled students across the US and Canada have an alternative that allows every homeschooled student to create and own a yearbook – and they have Picaboo Yearbooks to thank.

With its easy-to-use web app, affordable flat-rate pricing structure and no minimum order requirement, Picaboo Yearbooks makes it possible for homeschools of all sizes – from single learners to larger cooperative groups – to have the same yearbook experience currently enjoyed by conventional schools.

“For decades, traditional yearbook company policies, contracts and prices have essentially excluded homeschooled students from the yearbook experience,” commented Kevin McCurdy, CEO of Picaboo Yearbooks. “That’s unfair. Why should millions of homeschooled students, along with their parents and families, be denied something that their conventional school counterparts enjoy with ease? At Picaboo Yearbooks, we’ve leveled the playing field.”

McCurdy also said that parents and educators see the yearbook creation process as a valuable learning event.

“When homeschooled students create their yearbooks, they’re learning key photography, design and journalism skills. Plus, the entire creation process is done through our easy-to-use web app which allows groups of students to work collaboratively – even when they aren’t in the same room, or working at the same time. This makes the process fun, memorable, rewarding and educational too. And with collaboratively-created yearbooks, each student can personalize his or her own cover and inside pages.”

Picaboo Yearbooks has also revolutionized the yearbook industry with its no-cost eYearbook. Homeschool students can create a an eYearbook, which can be viewed on PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. There is no obligation to print; however, students who wish to do so can order a hardcover or softcover edition without having to make any design or layout changes. Picaboo Yearbooks’ printed yearbooks start at only $9.49 each.

“I love Picaboo Yearbooks,” said Lisa Marie Fletcher, homeschool mom and The Canadian Homeschooler blogger. “I know, traditionally, yearbooks are associated with public school – but why shouldn’t homeschoolers have yearbooks too? There’s something special about creating a lasting, full-color book to preserve the memories of your school year.”

Parents and educators of homeschooled students who want to learn more about Picaboo Yearbooks can visit picabooyearbooks.com/homeschool or email info@picabooyearbooks.com

Schools that want to learn more about Picaboo Yearbooks can visit picabooyearbooks.com or email info@picabooyearbooks.com.


About Picaboo Yearbooks: Founded in 2012, Picaboo Yearbooks is revolutionizing the modern-day yearbook through innovative technology and a groundbreaking business model. Now the fastest growing yearbook company in North America, Picaboo Yearbooks has distinguished itself from industry competitors by providing schools with easy-to-use cloud-based design tools, innovative mobile apps, no minimum orders, no hidden fees and an unmatched 3-week turnaround. Picaboo Yearbooks was created to shake up the stale, traditional yearbook industry by building a user-friendly platform where yearbooks are easier to create, content is more relevant to students and the cost barriers are no longer a concern. For more information, visit picabooyearbooks.com.

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Jennifer Thompson