What, if any, would be the upfront charges to the non-profit?

Absolutely none at all.

Is there a minimum number of cards that we would need to sell?

No, no minimum.

How does the design process work?

We use our existing template, using your logo, mission and url.

What information would you need to consider a non-profit for the program?

None. If you want to participate and you think your community of supporters will engage, then you can participate.

What happens if my supporters have trouble designing their cards? Who should they contact?

The Picaboo customer care team will be able to assist your supporters. They can contact us via phone, email or live chat. Direct your supporters to: product.photoprinting.officedepot.com/customer-care/

What happens if my supporters gets cards that are defective?

They should contact the Picaboo custom care team. If we determine the order was a print defect or damaged in shipping they will be issued a refund and be able to submit a reorder.

Are Cards for Causes cards only available during the holidays?

No. You can customize your card for any occasion.

Can someone create a card that is not associated with the holidays?

Yes. Your supporters can change anything on the front of the card and in the blank space on the back of the card. They cannot edit any of the non-profit information on the back of the card.

Can our supporters choose any of the holiday card front designs on Picaboo.com?


What does “Buy Voucher” mean when you selecting which card you want to create?

Customers can buy a voucher in advance that allows them to come back to the site later and use their pre-paid voucher to purchase their cards. The customer still receives 50% off of their order, however, that is only on an order of 40 cards. If they are going to purchase more than 40 cards, they will be charged retail for any additional card outside of 40 that the voucher covers.

**If a customer selects the “Create Card Now” they will receive 50% off their entire purchase of cards with no limit to how many cards they purchase. The 50% will cover their ENTIRE purchase as long as they input CARDSFORCAUSES in the promo code box at checkout.

How can I get images of our holiday card for use in our marketing efforts?

First, you can copy images off your landing page. If those will not work for your digital marketing needs, please reach out to the Cards for Causes team (cardsforcauses@picaboo.com) and we can provide additional card image assets for you.

When should we expect to receive our revenue check?

Revenue-sharing checks will be issued in February 2019.

Can my organization participate in Cards for Causes again next year?

Absolutely! And please tell three people you think would also be interested in having their nonprofit organization participate.