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Abby Munn

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Abby is a graphic designer from Denver, Colorado. She’s a Creative Director by day and mother of two busy boys 24/7. Abby loves spending time with her family, being outdoors, cooking (and eating & drinking!), running & yoga. Her guilty pleasure is watching back to back renovation TV shows. Otherwise you’ll find Abby at her computer designing with every free second she can get.

Aly Allen

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Aly is a San Diego girl, born-and-raised, who lives with her husband and three kids. A mom by day and invitation designer by night, she is fueled by the grace of God and plenty of coffee. As a self-taught designer, she is constantly evolving and learning, and has become best friends with the Google search bar. She unwinds through painting, writing, and starting new projects that she’ll probably never finish.

Ashley Rice

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Ashley is a graphic designer that gains inspiration from many sources, including traditional art, fashion and interior design. She enjoys exploring new cities, trying new cuisines and being involved at her local church.

Casey Lorelle Marchbanks

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Born and raised in Texas, Casey’s career began when her Gran taught her watercolor painting when she was just six years old. Since then she has had a love and passion for all things art, and has been working as a graphic designer and art director for 7 years. Casey strives to live simply, with purpose and with gratitude for both the natural and created beauty around her.

Courtney Marsh

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Courtney is a self-taught photographer and graphic designer. Her passion for capturing moments and sharing memories has led her to create fresh, modern designs for Picaboo. She is inspired by her two children and the beautiful surroundings of the Bay Area.

Elizabeth Lapin

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Emily Ranneby

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Erin Sarpa and Ilene Guy

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Erin and Ilene, met in design school years ago. Their hip, fun, fashion-forward collections reflect their “love your style, design your life” philosophy. They are also “mom-preneurs” who find inspiration from their children who know everything about what’s cool in the world. This playful, charming point of view shines through in their designs. What will Erin and Ilene be up to in the near future? “Continue sharing great design and take over the world and make it cuter.”

Jamie Randolph

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Jamie a.k.a. daughter, wife, mother, designer is inspired everyday by the world we live in. She loves to travel and explore new cultures and loves all things design. Jamie gets easily excited when colors, shapes and textures collide to create artistic beauty. Stemming from San Antonio roots, bold and colorful is her style. A few of Jamie’s favorite things are the color red, white chocolate, roses, heels, the sunset, a good book and hanging out with her amazing family.

Katie Lindsay

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Katie has been running her own graphic design and portrait photography company for five years now. Her favorite job however is playing wife to her sweetheart, JD, and momma to her two active little boys. She lives for flip-flops, fairytale endings, and seconds on desserts; late nights and endless summers, campfires, movie nights, and snuggling with her boys. The biggest blessing in her life is simply getting to do what she loves, every single day.

Laura Hamilton

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Laura is a Bay area family portrait photographer who loves capturing giant smiles on little faces. When she’s not taking photographs, she’s a stylist and Mom to her two beautiful kiddos- who keep her on her toes!

Maddy Nye

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Maddy is an artist and stationer. She designs, dreams, and parties hard in Minneapolis.

Margaret Smith

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Meredith Collie

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Meredith is one part designer and stationery, one part mama and wife and one part explorer. She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband and daughter. She is inspired by the little moments of everyday life as well as new experiences found when traveling about.

Minna So

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Minna is a graphic designer and illustrator from Seattle, WA. She started her own design business and blog, Minna May in 2010 and has enjoyed every minute of it. She finds inspiration from the simple things in life, and hopes to bring a positive light to everything she does.

Ricardo Marques

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Stacey Hill

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Stacey began her design career as an art director in Toronto. Now living in rural Ontario, she freelances & designs stationery, finding inspiration in her surroundings and the creativity of her three young artists.

Yesenia Carrero

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For Yesenia, creativity is the core of her way of life. This Connecticut-based designer has a passion for creating beautiful work and melds her diverse skills in design, illustration, and creative thinking to create pieces that delight her clientele. Yesenia graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design and continues to produce and manage projects, including logo & branding, websites, stationary, and print.