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1 Choose your layout

Each one of our templates offers a unique way to tell your story. Choose from:

  • Classic Pictogram
  • Modern Lines
  • The Storyteller

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Easily select photos from your computer, camera, phone or Facebook.

  • Prearrange photos into folders to save time
  • Select a minimum of 50 photos. If you have more, simply add pages to your book

3 Design your book

With Picaboo, designing a beautiful Photo Book is easy.

  • Use our predesigned page templates
  • Design the perfect book, exactly as you want with Creative Mode
  • For more, watch this 2-minute video.

Layout 1: Classic Pictogram

This book features a collection of your favorite photographs surrounded by crisp white borders, arranged in any order you choose.

  • Ideal for showcasing Instagram photos and snapshots from throughout the year
  • For simple, clean pages use 2 – 3 large photos
  • For a more full look, create collages using 4 or more photos

How To: In Creative Mode, click Edit Photo and scroll down to Border and Shadow – select “On” for each.

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Layout 2: Modern Lines

Let your photos do the talking with this simplistic approach. Crisp edges and translucent text boxes overlaid on a solid background create the perfect canvas for a portfolio or monthly journal.

  • Add an artistic touch with a mix of black & white, sepia and color photos throughout
  • Spread an image across 2 pages and select Lay-Flat paper for a stunning effect

How To: In Creative Mode, add color filters using the “Photo Adjustments” tool. For translucent text boxes, click “Add Text” and adjust the opacity level by selecting “Background”.

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Layout 3: The Storyteller

Creating a story of events for a wedding, vacation or family reunion is a fun way to reminisce on those feel-good moments that are sure to keep you smiling all year long.

  • Create a table of contents to use as a guide or introduction to your book
  • Use these recommended font sizes: 16 – 20 pt for headlines,  10 – 12 pt for body copy and 8 – 9 pt for photo captions
  • Interchange between two typefaces; use a fancy/fun font in your headlines and a modern/traditional font in the body copy to achieve a designer effect (see below for recommended font pairings)

How To: Create a photo folder for each category in your story to save time sifting through images. To create a Table of Contents, select a “Text Only” page layout. Experiment with font pairings that fit with your story or theme.

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Most Popular Tips

Choose Lay-Flat Pages option in check out to show off 2 page spreads.

Support photos with creative headlines and captions.

View recommended font pairings

For special occasions, choose a leather-wrapped Photo Book from our Prestige Collection