Picaboo inspires others to create and capture memories for life. To match this promise, Picaboo photography is inspired by candid and special moments. A mother and child, a birthday wish, playing on a beach and so on. Our photography does not feel stock or posed. It should reflect that kind of photo a family might of serendipitously captured where lighting, timing, and composition all aligned nearly perfect for a single moment.

Photography falls into two categories: 1) Lifestyle and 2) Product. Lifestyle photography may be used as hero images or photos found in sample products. Product photography is used for website product pages, promotions, etc. There may be times where Lifestyle and Product photography are combined. For example, a mother and children are looking at one of our photo books on their couch. Or a lifestyle photo is shown on a Canvas in a Product photo.

Both types of photography should follow these guidelines:

  • Use natural lighting with nearby window or outdoor sunlight. Keep shadows subdued and medium contrast.
  • Avoid overly saturated colors and lighting.
  • Models in photos should represent a diversity in ethnicity and age.
  • Apparel worn by models should be unbranded, casual, subdued colors with occasional bold patterns (ie. chevrons).
  • Avoid clutter or busy backgrounds in photography.
  • Photography should be framed wide so photo can be cropped at different ratios.
  • When shooting photos, include a version with space to the right of the subject with uncluttered background for copy overlay.
  • Colors used in photos should match closely or compliment the colors used by intended brand (yearbook, photo merch).

Lifestyle Photography

Product Environment Photography