Voice and Tone

Voice vs Tone

Voice is the brand’s personality. It doesn’t change day to day.
Tone is the feeling being expressed at the moment. The way it’s said for the current situation.

Brand voice

follows personality traits

Brand tone

Defining a consistent “tone” among the many Picaboo touch points is a subtle and sometimes inexpressible thing. Colors, typography, design, choice of photos, packaging — these things and more end up working together to create a distinctive “voice” and personality…in other words, a distinctive brand. When it comes to translating that brand into words, the job becomes trickier, because the possibilities of language are endless and ongoing. They never get set the way a typeface or color scheme or logo does. With all that in mind, some words that might come to mind when describing Picaboo’s tone (and some that definitely won’t):

Who and What We are

authentic, personal, inspired, creative, fun, sometimes funny, hip, sincere, light, happy, smart, professional, clean, understated, confident, adventuresome, real, joyful of the small things.

Who and What We aren’t

sappy, sentimental, edgy, cynical, stone-cold serious, techno, stodgy, naive, shrill, cheap, boastful, glamorous, traditional, predictable, cautious, authoritative, no-nonsense, official (officious), pompous, shy, classical, folky, jazzy, sporty, buttoned-down, old-fashioned, juvenile.