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As a leading provider of customized photo products, Picaboo has been a top choice for both consumers and organizations to create and print millions of photo books, cards, calendars, and canvas prints. From large multi-national charitable organizations to small cause-driven groups, nonprofit organizations use Picaboo for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Year-in-review photo books
  • Event photo books
  • Donor and commemorative gifts
  • Custom thank you cards
  • Printed program assets
  • Annual calendars
  • and more

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Ongoing Deep Discount
Standing discount of 60% OFF all of your orders, no minimums. No need to wait or search for a promotion – you’ll have your very own code that you can use any time. Discount does not apply to purchases at

Custom Holiday Cards Fundraising
Through the Cards for Causes program, Picaboo works with you to design a custom holiday card for your organization. You promote the campaign among your supporters who can add their own photos to the front side of the card. Proceeds from the sale of your holiday cards go directly to your organization. Email us to learn more.

FREE $50 Gift Cards
Picaboo provides free gift cards as a Thank You to your supporters who make online financial donations through your existing fundraising platforms or new fundraising web pages we custom create just for you.

Dedicated VIP Customer Service
A dedicated account manager to assist you during each stage from project creation to order placement

Ease-of-Use & Creative Flexibility
Leverage the same intuitive web-authoring platform used by millions of consumers at – create your photo book just the way you want it and print in any size

Free Sample Book
Get a free copy upfront for qualifying orders of 10+ books

Fast Turnaround Time
State of the art printing and shipping logistics allow us to meet tight timelines

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Differentiate your organization and its services with professional custom photo books and photo products

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