Announcing the new Picaboo Editor (Beta)

We’re completely rebuilding the Picaboo online designer with the newest web technologies that are faster, more secure and provide more creative freedom. We will continue to roll out improvements, but you can start using the new editor now. The below features are just some of the improvements you’ll find in the new editor.

New text editor

Get to typin’! The new text editor makes it easier to find and try different fonts. Choose your font colors from our new color picker.

New photo filters

Move over Instagram! You can choose from 25+ beautiful photo filters. Adjust the focus of your photo with radial and linear photo blurring.

Manage photos

Sssstretch out. You now can expand the view of all your available photos for easier photo management.

New project library

Your projects are now at Now you can sort and filter your project list.

What else is new and improved?

  • Improved Photo Book, Card, Canvas, Poster and Collage Print editors
  • Improved text editor with built in spell checker
  • Improved photo editing and cropping
  • Improved page zooming for editing up close
  • Improved page management
  • Improved photo management
  • Improved spell check
  • Improved book style selector
  • Improved color swatches
  • New option to convert two facing pages to a spread so photos and other objects can layout across the gutter
  • New option in the Card editor to mix and match any of our front, inside and back pre-made designs
  • New option to preview how your project will trim at different printed sizes
  • New option to drag and drop photos from your computer into your project

More to come!

  • Improved Calendar and Photo Print editors
  • Improved saving layouts
  • Improved importing pages from previous Photo Book project
  • Improved sharing project via Facebook and email
  • Improved project preview
  • And more
Try Picaboo Editor (Beta) now


Will my old projects work in the new editor?
No. At this time only new projects created in the new editor will open in the new editor. Projects created in the old editor will continue to open in the old editor.

How do I open an existing project in the OLD editor?
To open an existing project in the old editor, find the project in My Projects and click it. The project will open in the old editor.

How do I create a new project in Picaboo Editor (Beta)?
To create a new project, go to New Project. Find a Photo Book, Card, Canvas, Photo Panel or Collage Print from the list of products and click it. You’ll be asked if you want to continue building your project using the existing editor or Picaboo Editor (Beta). Choose Picaboo Editor (Beta). Remember, once you create a project in Picaboo Editor (Beta), it cannot be converted or opened with the old editor.

Can I switch between the existing editor and Picaboo Editor (Beta)?
If you create a project in Picaboo Editor (Beta), you will not be able to open it in the old editor. However, if you create a project in the old editor, you can convert it to open in Picaboo Editor (Beta). During the conversion process, we will create a backup of the project for opening in the old editor.

What’s are the system requirements for using Picaboo Editor (Beta)?
All you need is a modern browser. A modern browser is the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Microsoft Edge. YOU DO NOT NEED ADOBE FLASH.

Can I use Picaboo Editor (Beta) on my mobile device?
At this time, Picaboo Editor is not supported on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. We plan to add this support in the future.

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